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Friday, February 18, 2011

Status Updates From Thots On Tees

You know how obsessed most people now are with status updates? - from Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Yahoo, to Blackberries. Well, Michael Chibogx takes status updates offline- on Tees. His custom-made Tees business, Thots On Tees, was actually one year old on Valentine's day. Now how romantic is that? lol. He's a pretty fun and humorous guy; and you can see how that fun attitude translates to his business. Michael is actually Lagos based, but he delivers wherever, and he has had quite a number of exhibitions. (Apart from coming up with humorous 'status updates', he brands as well.)
Come to think of it, i bet these tees would be a real conversation starter. For all us you shy people, i recommend it lol. Just walk into a full room, stand in the middle, and shoot your chest out so that all can read your tee. Aha!


  1. Definitely a conversation starter! The first shirt is my favourite

  2. ahahhaha these shirts are great, love them!!!
    excellent for shy people I agree!

  3. creative!!
    Hey could u increase the font size of you blog its a bit to tiny.

  4. Yup guys. Thots On Tees IS creative
    "FabladyH really? Oh oh- ok, i'll see what it looks like bigger kay- no occupational hazards of reading my blog please. Heh!

  5. nice concepts!!! luv them ... good concepts as well ... the 1st is my fav as well ... i won't wanna be seen walking around in the 3rd one ...

  6. I liked the tees, def conversation starters or at least attention gaining. Lol @ d google question

  7. Pretty cool. As a t-shirt designer I think they're eye-catching but I'm worried he might run into copyright and trademark infringement issues (like with the Google t-shirt for example).

    And welcome to Blogville.

  8. Michael must really be a funny guy...I am not a fan of having lots of words on my T-shirts but I definitely like the first one :-)

  9. i like the tees.i like the blog too and what youre trying to do. good job

  10. I really like the first tee!


  11. Digging it...They're great and funny too.

    To think that i had an idea like this but just never pursued it..*sob sob*...Ah well. We'll see sha..

    Ps: I love what you're doing with your blog. It's awesome:)

    Word verification: Pandesto..