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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creative Ambiance From Bola Rick Williams

Have you noticed that in most movies, when a couple is expecting a baby, one of the first things they make up is his/her room? (I never had a specially made room myself, so I'm always jealous of the ones I see). Then as the parents are looking for a school, one of the first things they notice is the environment. It's like the most colorful and attractive school gets noticed first, before other factors come into play. 

The thing is, ambiance is important for both learning and play. Everyone wants to be in an interesting, engaging and creative environment (especially if you end up there for long hours). Children are no exception. Which brings me to my point: Bola Rick Williams is a master at creating that interesting, engaging and creative ambiance for children. He exercises his creativity and imagination (and I dare say, 'inner child') everyday in his work- crafting, painting, molding, and even making 12 feet trees from construction paper.
What I love the most about Bola Rick Williams' work is the detail he puts into it. Much of it is 3 dimensional and not just the normal paint jobs that you see in a lot of Nigerian schools. He has honed his skills through the years by practice and professional training. With the energy and imagination he puts into his work, it's easy to see how much he enjoys it!
I wish my parents had called someone like him to make up my kiddie room- I bet that would have made my childhood that much more interesting.

You can contact Bola Rick Williams if you want to design your school, child's room, or even for Christmas grottoes and nativity crafts. Call his mobile +2348077621300, email him at rickestherbet@yahoo.com, or check his Facebook profile.


  1. These are quite beautiful.But even though i like art,i really don't dig them on walls.I prefer them in canvases and frames.Nice one again Adiya!

  2. this is beautiful. I wish I could have my room painted like the 4th or 5th picture. I'm not an art freak but I like what I have see up there :)

  3. blessings.....

    Interesting art. I have a nigerian artist I absolutely love his work. His name is Chidi Okoye (http://www.chidi.com/) he work in many mediums and have poetry to go with some of his works, inspiring.

  4. these are nice, won't mind that tree in my bedroom for xmas. Nice one babes

  5. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a GIVE_AWAY)

  6. He is very good! Everything looks lifelike, thanks for sharing. Awesome blog too:)

  7. That is sooo true. It happens in all the TV shows as well. Lovely set up of for a newborn. Thanks for sharin the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  8. Lol. Cute designs, if someone like that designed everyone's room, people who don't appreciate creativity would appreciate it!


  9. Simply adorable!

    tnxx for coming over..do appreciate it :)

  10. There's a lot of talent in Nigeria...

  11. Thanks for the lovely comments guys!! I appreciate it. He's really creative and i'm glad he's over her on my blog hehe

  12. Lovely photos, especially the empasis on colours.

  13. Beautiful! I love especially the muppets/puppets??? (not sure) in the last pictures.
    What a lovely mixture of colors too.

  14. nice painting...but I def won't paint my wall...
    you crack me up...saying your childhood wld be more interesting with similar painting...I bet you made your own artsy mark on the wall regardless...lol