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Monday, March 7, 2011

Experience Burlesque With Burlesque Princess

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word 'burlesque' is a typical scene from Moulin Rouge. The color, corsets, dances, and sensuality are just captivating! When I first watched the movie, I wanted to jump into the screen, with my own bright colored corset and feathers, and dance like I was the sexiest woman alive. Even if it was technically possible to get into the TV screen, I doubt if I would have had the confidence to make like those beautiful ladies.

This brings me to Burlesque Princess (BP). They could solve my two problems- provide me with the opportunity to be one of those corset wearing feather sporting ladies, and help me boost my confidence so I can actually pull it off.
Burlesque Princess (BP) gives a perfect picture of who they are in their statement:  BP is 'an organization focusing on the sensuality of the African woman, with a cosmopolitan outlook on life. Referencing the glamorous decades of the 40’s and 50’s together with vibrancy of contemporary Africa, Burlesque Princess focuses on developing and promoting body image in Women.' In short, Burlesque Princess has brought the glamorous burlesque scene to Nigeria, integrating it with African ideals, and giving women the confidence to feel and act like the beautiful beings they are.
To achieve their objective, they offer different services. They run Burlesque Classes (for beginners like me too) where women can learn dance steps, prop usage, floor and chair-based routines and get a healthy workout in the process (this beats jogging I tell you). See some of their 'Bump and Grind' pictures here. You could also book them for Hen Nights. That would make for a very entertaining party right? If you want to give your husband a wedding treat, their Wedding Bells package will pair you  with a choreographer to teach you a routine ;D If you just want a good show to appreciate the art of burlesque though, BP can provide burlesque performers to wow you at events. All in all, they are sure to give you an experience you will never forget, full of color, costumes, and sensuality. Who needs to watch Moulin Rouge if you can actually be in it?

You can locate Burlesque Princess at  D16 Eko Court, Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Check out their blog, follow them on twitter, or email them at info@burlesque-princess.com

“With an interest for all things dance and drama it was always nice to escape back to the days when it was sexier to keep one’s clothes on, when one revealed just enough to feed the imagination.”

Photo Credit: Jessica Flavin and BP blog


  1. O my, i love thoes fans, they are fabulous. Their dance classes sound like fun.

  2. lovely.. would wanna watch them AND prolly register for a class too.!!!!
    BURLESQUE..!!! ^_^


  3. omg.. naija now has places for burlesque classes???!!!.
    aww mummy is sooo proud lol :)

  4. I loved the movie Burlesque but learning the dance steps.. errrrm i'm coming.... *walking away

  5. very nice biz idea, wlda loved one of their classes, shame am not in Naija i just like all the colors going on


  6. I love the idea. Sounds like a good biz venture. Might check them out when I'm in Naija. 'Nice blog you've got here.

  7. Thanks!!! I especially like their workout classes and shows, and hen nights. Err i think that's all their services oh lol. Ok, i like all

  8. Do you do awards? Then check out my blog for the one I just gave you. Cheers!

  9. Oooooh Myne! Thanks a lot :D


  10. I dream of a choreographed wedding dance. Just gotta find the man that can dance too :(
    The peacocky fans are biutiful!

  11. Thanks all for the lovely words and thank you Princess for blogging about us xxx