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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homemade Sculptures From Rima Bakes And Events

For a long time, I thought sculptures could only be made out of clay or stone. It's only relatively recently that I realized sculptures are made out of fondant, chocolate, and icing sugar too. I suppose I never really thought about it (cause this is a pretty obvious fact to miss right?) until I saw Rima Bakes behind the scenes. Rima Bakes is run by Erima. She's a self-taught baker and sculptor (yes, I said it :D), and her passion for the art is catching.

Ever one to think of the future, Rima has been tutoring her very enthusiastic 8 year old daughter, Genevieve, on baking and icing. See her below with a cake she baked and iced herself (with minimal supervision please).
Rima Bakes and Events makes customized cake orders and delivers little cakes and cupcakes. You can be sure everything she's got is homemade, fresh, and lovingly crafted. She also offers event decoration services. Contact her via email at erimaojobo@yahoo.com, mobile: 08037875346/08076633788, or/and check out more info and pictures on her Facebook Page.


  1. I like the cake with the makeup-- has a lot of character :-)

  2. omg these are so cute! for a second i thought the little girl lying on the chair was a sculpted cake too :p
    just gave you an award, go to my blog to claim it :)

  3. oohhhh lovely! I love the one with the sleeping baby! looks delish!


  4. These cakes are so cute. i cant decided between the stethoscope one and the one with the tiny baby as my favourite

  5. I love the 'my darling wife' cake. Beautiful

  6. LOL @kitkat. Thanks so much for the award! Yay!

    I think Rima's cakes are cute too

  7. wow! no words.... :o

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  8. wow ... these are really cute,


  9. This are some cute cakes!



  10. I love the baby one. What happened to the little girl sleeping wwith the cake?
    Just went to take a second gander. She made the cake? Damn! Where is my mother......