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Friday, March 11, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award!!

I opened up my blog today and was so excited to see that the lovely ladies, Myne Whitman, KitKat's Tales, and A-9ja-Great had given me the One Lovely Blog Award. Yay!! This is the first award The Corner Shop has had so I’m really excited about it. It’s so encouraging to know that some people actually like my blog. I jumped into this blog with both legs and a blindfold, so you can imagine how appreciative I am of my followers, readers, all of you who bother to comment, and the lovely creative people who let me feature them!
This Is Me :)
Anyway, the deal is, I accept the award, link the person(s) who gave it to me, tell you 7 random things about me, give it to 15 blogs I have just discovered, and tell them about it. I especially like this cause I've never had the chance to tell you anything about me. So, here goes:
  1. I love rain. I wish I had the courage to run outside and dance in the rain. I live in an apartment building now, so I’m saving this for when I’ve got the only house in the compound lol
  2. I love dance movies and dance TV shows. As long as it’s got choreographed dance, I’ll watch it (even if the acting sucks)
  3. I don’t like confrontation; I’d rather walk away, and calm down. I always think of witty stuff to say after the argument, and this pisses me off even more *sigh*
  4. I don’t like romance and drama movies. Give me thrillers (like Taken), sci-fi (like The Matrix), fantasy (like Pirates of the Caribbean’s), and horror (like Jeepers Creepers) any day. 
  5. People always assume that I’m a computer geek, meanwhile I know squat about computers apart from Microsoft Word.
  6. For some reason, people always stop me to ask directions
  7. I smile a lot. I don’t know why. I even got a Miss Smile Award in secondary school prom night. People were getting awards like best style and Miss Command (our school) and I was getting Miss Smile. Kill Me Now!
So that’s it! Now I’ll tag some awesome blogs I’ve found in Blogsville. A lot of them have been around for a while, but they’re new discoveries to me. They may have already gotten the award, but I’m still going to tag them: Ginger's Blog, The Pet Projects, G.R.I.P, Fashion Phoenix, Buttercup, Chic Lounge, Becoming A Doctor, Chic Therapy, A Nigerian In Diaspora, Looking Glass Of An Immigrant, Neks2U, Unsung Dots, Chizy's-Spyware, The Color Couture, and  Modern African Cuisine. Guys, just take the award from my sidebar.

You all give me such a fun time here. Thank you!


  1. i also hate confrontations and i think of witty sarcaastic stuff i should have said after the argument is long over,lol.. sucks a lot! :p
    glad u accepted the award.. and it's nice to finally get to see you :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww.....Thanks boo. too generous of you. hahhah...count me in @ no 4! I need help, Like I don't like to talk about things at all... o well.. least I am not alone.
    awww@miss Smile... smiling is a really good thing.

  3. I second the rain obsession...I think I have collective thoughts when it's raining...plus it's the best time to read a bk or watch that moving you've been saving for the a good day...

    I really adore that you would be so kind to extend the lovely award my way...thanks a lot.

    P.S. you are gorgeous in your pic...and don't ever stop smiling...a friend once told me that and It makes all the sense in the world.

  4. awwwww!look at you...sexy a la la

  5. awww your so sweet ,thank you for the award. no.6 has me wondering what it is about you . i guess you look friendly.. nice to know a little more about you . your blog is definite must read for me

  6. Thank you for the award hun...we've got quite a few things in common there, but I only love the rain when I'm inside lol x

  7. Number 3 and number 7....sooo me.lol Its annoying thinking of the best thing to say after an argument

  8. Lol at you all! Thanks a lot ladies. I really really like your blogs. :D

  9. Its so sweet of you,
    i'm really grateful


  10. Thanks Adiya!!! I've never gotten any blog related awards to, so this is really nice :D

    P.S. I can offer some basic IT Tutorials, starting with the Microsoft Suite :p

  11. Thanks a lot. good to know a bit more about u.

  12. I love your outfit, and the cakes below OMG! Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too,soon.


  13. Love reading the 7facts--I don't like rain at all and I also dislike confrontations!

    PS:Thanks a bunch for always visiting!



  14. You look cute in that picture, and thanks for sharing more about you. I love rain too, and hate confrontation. And smiling is good for you, so keep it up, lol...

  15. Thanks a lot!!! I'm soooo grinning guys

  16. Heyyyyy,,,, so that's you. I know you, girl. Just kidding :-). You pretty. Looks like you were having a good time when the pic was taken.

    Thanks for nominating me. I just accepted the award.
    I also like rain. I used to enjoy playing and dancing in the rain when I was younger. Every now and then I wish I could be so carefree again

  17. Congratulations lovely Adiya.
    You are a double Miss Smiley and you wonder why people stop to ask directions? Cause you beam niceness lol. Thanks for the award. I will work on it soon enough. I'm outta things to write about boring old me.

  18. Thanks for nomintating me! I like the rain as well but i dont like it when it rains for too long.

  19. Congrats! You have a giving heart, and this blog shows that, with its focus on platforming sme's to a wider audience, so a big Well Done!!!

  20. Thanks soooo much!!! I'm so glad you guys like it! :D Awww, my mouth hurts from all the smiling you're making me do. Lol

  21. I love dance TV shows and the rain too. I just prefer to be in bed when it's raining, lol. I'll watch dance of any form as long as it's well choreographed.

  22. Thanks for sharing more about you and nice seeing a great picture of you too.
    Like you Adiya I do not like confrontations and I will do all I can to avoid one.

  23. Nice list, I wish I smiled more, lol more of a boner.

  24. Thanks for the award... i humbly accept!

    Miss Smile? you and me both... although i didnt get an award.

  25. i hate confrontation as well and i always play back arguments in my head and wish i said this thing or that thing