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Monday, April 18, 2011

Artful Geometry From Karo Akpokiere

Karo Akpokiere has a style that is all his own. His art is very distinct and amazingly, he manages to merge abstract, geometry, and culture to create something beautiful.
His passion for art started as far back as he can remember. Art is in him, and is a core part of who he is. But he was inspired to make his art a lot more than something to just keep him busy. So in 1998, he plunged into his work inn full force after hearing various word like 'your talent is a pointer to your purpose' and 'not everyone is meant to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer'. He realized that he had a purpose, an innate ability to create. Hence, he drew more, learned more, and drew again.

Now, in addition to commissions, Karo has self-initiated projects to keep his creative juices flowing. He runs The Seek Project, which is a website that provides a platform for him to showcase his work and projects, as well as collaborate with other artists. Karo uses both traditional and digital processes in creating his art. Of particular interest to him is putting his work onto media like t-shirts, sneakers, and as graffiti. Presently, he works on print media, illustrations, murals, logos, identity designs, apparels, and footwear designs.

Murals and graffiti

Tables, posters, t-shirts, and footwear designs too

The thing is, success comes when you create in your image i.e. when your work is based on the innate talent you were born with. Karo does exactly that, so it's no wonder that he's climbing from success to success.

You check out more of his work here. And view his daily drawings here. Contact him through email: karo@seekproject.com, follow him on Twitter, and like him on Facebook. Also, his store is located here.


  1. I like the alphabet art thing--very artistic!



  2. Quite artistic though surreal.
    Has Kitkat seen herself? in the third pix where the little boy is standing on chocolate :).

  3. If i see Karo,here's what i'll say "Karo,you're simply talented".Nice one Adiya!

  4. i must say--these drawings are creatively done. love that t-shirt.

  5. i love them! wow! impressive

  6. @ginger, lool. That's my favorite picture :p

  7. liking that artistic alphabet....pure talent
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on BLEURGH

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  8. Beautiful drawings!! and the alphabet one is so cool!

  9. amazing!!!!!!!! i love artists.

  10. If there is one thing that I am not good at it is drawing. Yea I can draw stick figures, the sun - the very simple stuff and that's it :(

    These drawing are excellent. This is real talent. Thanks for sharing Adiya.

  11. Wows outstanding work. I wish I could draw like that on anything. Paper or computer.


  12. Adiya, please i hope i won't offend the artiste or you if i said it didn't get to me..i simply didn't connect to the whole thing..i tried..but.....*shrugs*

    Goodluck to him, he is talented no doubt about that :)

  13. He is gifted love his grafiti work. Awesome post Adiya:)

  14. I think my favorite is the alphabet project too. I like that he's so different and uses geometry a lot. Thanks a bunch people. @Ibhade, why nau? :p You know how subjective art is so it's very cool. At least you tried hahaha!!

  15. very creative. i really like the one of the old woman.

    and thanks for visiting our blog :) now following!

  16. these are clear creativity...but I have a feeling they'ld scare me at night...there's that dark side to it...lol

  17. amazing!!!

    xoxo from rome

  18. This work is nice! judging from his name he is Urhobo and from Delta!!!! Love it even more now! ;)

  19. so creative. i really like this post!


  20. LOVE this art. I wanna use it. The colors and the style are so hype!

    strawberry freckleface