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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chic African Accessories From Tionne

Tionni Accessories creates accessories in African print and materials. And what beautiful creations these are! When you think of Tionni, you immediately think of color, chic youthfulness, and  style. You can incorporate these creations in so many outfits; allowing you to rep Africa in a fashionable and stylish way.

Their brooches, hairbands, hair pins, earrings, rings, bangles, belts, bib necklaces, slippers, and purses are so attractive that you notice them right away. They are definitely conversation starters too. Gone are the days when African print was unimaginative and boring. Artists like Tionni are eagerly revamping African print and making the youth proud to wear them. Check out some of their accessories in this lovely and playful photoshoot.
A pretty cool and creative feature of their accessories is their double purpose, for example you can wear some of their hairpin as a brooches. Tionni gives you good quality accessories at an affordable price too; I should know since I'm sporting a couple of their products (true confessions hehe).

You can check Tionni Accessories' new blog for lovely products and updates.  They are based in London, Lagos, and Abuja, but you can contact them easily via email: tiene.akpabio@gmail.com. Also, see them at Asos Marketplace.


  1. I love the filp flops and the bracelets!

  2. Loving it ... their clutches are beyond lovely!


  3. It's so gorgeous but i'm pissed they dnt have an online store i could easily buy their stuff from :'(
    I love the products u feature on this blog. They are so african and classy *sighs*

  4. These are fashion statement pieces, simply exquisite. I really love them all. Is there a anyway I can get any of them online?

  5. oooh! I lovveee the flip flops! Too cute! They're based in London?

    SWEET! And the bib necklaces are sooo up my alley! DIY time! Lol...

    Lovely post yet again Adiya! Thanks for all the goodluck wishes!


  6. I'm loving the bib necklaces and bangles.

  7. there is definitely so much great color here. i am really enjoying the colorful purses!

  8. Thanks people :D I'm pretty sure they can get you want you want. And watch their blog for products and stuff! They ARE lovely!

  9. Aww they are so cutie, I want one..where can I buy one?

  10. I HEART IT

    loooooooooooove it!

    i so wish it's commonly sold in the market.

    The problem with nigerians is that we don't value our uniqueness...we have talents but anything western to more appreciated..I LOVE ANKARA SO MUCH EHN!? ;)

  11. lovely and trendy.

    pls check out our blog and pls follow


  12. Very girly pieces. I like!

  13. Blessings...l.

    all are quite colorful.

    enjoy the rest of your week

  14. i love it all..
    so colourful and chic.
    really amazing.

  15. For God's sake,where are the male designers? We need things as lovely as these also!

  16. Thanks so much you guys. They are pretty awesome. Uhm...i'd been writing their name as Tionne, but it's Tionni *my bad- looking shamefully away*

    And they'll soon get a website up but check their blog for update

    A-9ja-Great- no worries hon- i'll look for one specially for you :D

  17. Wow loved the slippers most of all. And the bangles too. Oh who am I kidding most of the stuff is lovely.
    The accessories have beautiful bright colors.I got some ideas on how to accessorize from the pictures, it is something (accessorizing)I long to do but am not very good at.
    Keep up the good work Adiya.

  18. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments.

    @Shay Shay, yes we are based in London and Nigeria.

    @Kit Kat, we do not have an online store yet unfortunately in the mean time you can drop us an email with a list of whatever you are interested in and we will get you sorted. Email address- tiene.akpabio@gmail.com.

    Thank you
    Miss T

  19. Wow super cute accessories, love them especially the sandals!

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