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Sunday, May 29, 2011

On Writing

You have no idea how jealous I am of authors. It's amazing how their flow of words can pique your imagination and make you recreate places, people, and events in your head. Words that can make you laugh out loud, cringe with one eye open unable to fully stop reading the text, cry, panic, and shout an unexpected WTF! It's amazing how some people can make these happen!

Writing is a talent that God has given a select few *side eye at God here*. But then, given the amount of people who express their creativity through their blogs (especially personal blogs), I’m starting to think that the amount of writers out there isn't all that select. Sure, it takes some honing to get to where Stephen King, or Chinua Achebe is at, but it seems a lot of people have the inclination and ‘seed’ to make it as authors.

Different writers have their different styles, and words flow out of them differently. Also, some gather their thoughts before they put one word on paper; while some just write and see where it takes them. For example, when I started this post, I had no idea what to write about, except that it was to be about writing. 

I’ve also found that writing helps me clear my thoughts when they are all jumbled up. Sometimes the need to write something down just overwhelms me (I can’t really explain it), so I just put whatever down, whether it’s good or not. That’s kind of like therapy isn’t it? Uhm…did this post make sense? What about you? What does writing mean to you? How do you write and what method works best for you? Is it a hobby or something deeper? I’d love to know.

Recently, I was inspired to write some things down by the A-Z Blog Challenge. I wrote everything in about 3 days. If you’re curious, you can check it out on my personal blog (which is new and hopefully I won’t get the sudden urge to delete it).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Wedding Jitters From African Bride

Have you ever organized a wedding or at least been part of the planning activities? I haven't, and frankly, I'm not particularly looking forward to it, given the amount of stressed out brides I've seen. I recently started watching the series 'who's wedding is it anyway' and believe me, the meekest bride turns into a godzilla because of wedding preparations. Here is where African Bride jumps in to save the day (in fact to save the whole process).
No more hair pulling, dress ripping, tear spilling brides because African Bride a.k.a. AB provides both preparation and options. AB focuses mainly on African brides based in the UK who want an infusion of culture and tradition to their special day. They provide information on different aspects of the wedding, from cake to makeup to vendors, many catering to the specific needs of Africans. And the magazine is free!
Also featured in the magazine are the experiences of other brides, who their vendors were, their highs and lows, etc. The idea is for you to learn from real life success stories.
A major feature of the magazine is the articles on the many issues surrounding weddings. These articles provide information and advice on everything from cakes, choosing venues, budgeting, bridesmaids, etc.
The magazine also has a very wide list of different vendors who you can check out and use (and increase your options)
African Bride Magazine has got such a commendable mission which aims to make  your African wedding day special and stress free; from the inception to the completion. And, they also have giveaways (think cruise trips for that perfect honeymoon *wink wink*).

You can contact AB Magazine at info@africanbride.co.uk or contactsimplydone@googlemail.com (for Simi) and check out their website here. Right now they are focused on the UK though, so that's good news to those of you who are there!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

City Chic From Pearl 11 30

When I asked Ade Yusuf, the creator of Pearl 11 30 to tell me about her company and her inspiration, she came up with a lovely write-up that described Pearl 11 30 and at the same time, somehow manage to even capture my exact feelings about her creations. To change anything from what she gave me would be criminal, so I’m just going to copy and paste an abridged version of what she said. It’s beautiful, true, and creative:

“In 2010 Ade Yusuf created Pearl 11 30, a brand birth out of passion and love for celebrating and expressing one’s individuality through fashion. The brand offers affordable ready to wear and tailored outfits that are produced to the highest quality standards. We have developed a unique factor through our personal style by bringing out the real individual out of our Clients and paying keen attention to details. The brand personifies sophistication, class and timeless elegance. We consider the instinct and everyday needs of practical life combined with classy chic for play as well as work.

Our vision is to become a unique brand with a contemporary style team by designing and mix matching the perfect outfit and accessories that balances with ones individuality. Our mission is to make our Clients feel special, chic, sexy and unique yet comfortable in our designs.”

This collection “called Belle De Jour (IT Girl) and was inspired by the imagination to style a city chic in Lagos”. You can easily see an ingenious mix of the old school and modern designs. They got that ‘slick and effortless feminine chic of the ‘50s – ‘70s’ down pat and ended up with a beautiful, easy to wear collection characterized by simple shapes, neutral palettes, novelty prints, and the occasional vibrant color. I’m so loving it!

The signature elements of the collection are super long drapes, flare bottom jumpsuits, palazzo pants, color block shift dresses, Kimonos, rushed dresses and lacey jackets & dresses, all made with fabrics like Chiffon, Silk, Chantilly Lace, Linen and Organdy (how much more chic and feminine can you get with these fabrics?) See for yourselves:
“A Pearl 11 30 woman is a stylishly simple young at heart with prestige and value, who has a stand in her community and can be referred to as that lady with classy & clean cut outfits.”

Please feel free to contact (or stalk them) Pearl 11 30 on their website, via Twitter, Facebook, or email: ade@pearl1130.com and remi@pearl1130.com. Also, call them if you’re in Lagos (08024027779, 08023110379) or London (07970599939, 07904615133).

Credits: Photographer: DEM and co-edited by Moji Yusuf Visuals (yusuf_mojisola@yahoo.com); Model: Makida Moka (biutifulme@yahoo.co.uk); Stylist: Onyinye Fafi Obi (onyinyefafiobi@yahoo.com); and Make Up: Lara, Dimples Signature (08137410174).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Colorful Class From House 38

.House 38 is a fashion brand by two creative sisters. Dresses are their specialty (although they make a lot more). The first thing I noticed about the brand though, was their vintage-inspired dresses. Our mothers could easily have worn these in the ‘80s and still fit in now; that is the epitome of timelessness and class.
Improving their craft and creating designs that enhance the body (whether you’re a spaghetti or a pear lol) are some of their main objectives. These dresses are easy to wear, simple, and beautiful. I think they bring out the lady in you. These dresses are from their "Prim by House 38" line. But their first official collection, The Core, will be launching in a few months. The following are informal photographs of the collection. The creations are so pretty, girly and colorful- I want to pick one and pick race hehe:

You can stay updated for the official Lookbook of the collection: Visit their blog, their tumblr, and follow them on Twitter. Also, email them at info@house38.com and call them if you want: +234-8136617794.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Exclusive Fascinators From Fascination Bespoke Accessories

I know, I'm on an accessories high. My latest craze is Fascination. Seriously, the name doesn't even do it justice. Fascination Bespoke Accessories specializes in creating headgear; not just headgear, but Fascinators. Each of them is custom made and unique. They are creatively and exclusively handcrafted to 'bring out the beauty within'.

The Fascinators are designed by Yosola, a very passionate and gifted artist. It takes a lot of creativity and imagination to make the same kinds of headbands in exclusive and creative ways. And Yosola does this every single time. She is inspired by all things 'bright, beautiful and sparkly'. Her designs are so diverse- from gem stones to butterflies; but one thing all her designs have in common is beauty. Please check these Fascinators out:
So, whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or just looking to have a fun day/night out, these Fascinators are sure to make you stand out in your own individual way. "Fascination is the very essence of bespoke as all pieces are made to order and specially and lovingly created for you".

You can contact Fascination Bespoke Accessories via email: fascination.ng@gmail.com; and check out their Facebook Page- they'll be happy to hear from you.