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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hearting The J Label

The fabulous brand, Jewel By Lisa (JBL) is releasing their ready to wear line called The J Label. This line is supposed to be accessible, youthful, and affordable and can be worn wherever (not just on special occasions like the traditional JBL piece). I’m sure all of you have heard so it isn’t really news. Personally, I’m looking forward to it.

I confess that I’ve been one of those people that eye JBL pieces and then look at the tag with side eye and then favor it with a hiss. Apparently, there have been many of us who have been doing this and it’s good to know that JBL has caught on. The photoshoot shows a few of the pieces and has gotten my mouth to water! Check it out:

JBL have taken a great approach to marketing the line by making good use of social media and bloggers. To this end, The Fancy Hub had an exclusive preview of the J Label and they created a really interesting ‘min-doc’ to showcase it to the world. In the mini-doc, two ladies, Makida Moka and Carmen Ohen try out pieces from the line before anybody else *green envy*.
The documentary is fun and happy! The ladies are full of smiles, and I think it really captured the spirit of the J Label.
So what do you think? Is the J Label something you’re looking forward to? Do you think it has that ‘pop’ that JBL pieces usually have? Does it represent JBL adequately? Would you want to buy a piece (or at least have one as a gift :p)?;

Credit: See more at The Fancy Hub.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ethnic Statements From Sugary Sea

The ankara accessories trend has really taken the world by storm! I hope it stays because it's an awesome thing; seeing how African fashion is affecting global fashion for the better. These accessories give such an ethnic look to whatever contemporary design you're wearing. Fellow blogger Sugary Sea adds her creativity to the fashion industry by making ankara necklaces, ruffles, earrings, headbands, and bangles. 

I especially like her necklaces because they are so statement. You can't miss them, and this adds to their appeal. No matter what you're wearing, these necklaces shout out that you are representing! Love them! 
For more information, visit the Sugary Sea blog, or email them at: dammieway@yahoo.com

Sunshine Award

Hi people! I've been AWOL for a bit, but I'm blaming it all on the day job! Thanks for all of you that hollered! :D Muah! So, Myne Whitman, and Rhapsody Phoenix gave me the Sunshine Award. Yay!!!!! I feel really blessed knowing that some of you actually like this blog. It's so encouraging and I thank you from the 'bottomest' part of my heart! 
Now, I get to tag 10 blogs that have brought a ray of sunshine into my life! In truth, all of you i'm following bring something special to me! You make me laugh, think, look at things a new way, and drop my jaw even LOL. And not to talk of all the inspiration I get! You all add something special to my life each time I read your blogs!

Uhm, I think I did more than 10. Oh well. Love all of ya! Muah!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beautiful Blended Purses From Lutachi

Lutachi is a brand that 'blends beautiful and exotic African fabric with a variety of up-cycled materials'. They specialize in creating women's purses, wallets, and bags. I know a lot brands work with African fabric these days, but Lutachi stands out because of the eclectic materials they use. Creativity know no bounds here! Just check out these cute wallets. I want all of 'em! *sigh*
What's more, all of them are handmade! To shop Lutachi (or for more eye candy :p) visit their Etsy store. Also, follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

Not too much talk here, but I think these beautiful wallets and purses speak for themselves.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Muse Origins: That's What's Up

I think it was in my bag post that I mentioned I was starting a business. It's actually something my friends and I have been planning for eons- practically since we left school (I can find grey hairs on my head now so you can imagine X_x). But it's finally happening!

When I started this blog, I had one main objective- to showcase the creativity of Nigerians. But over time, I'm seeing that I can expand this objective to match my other goals (specifically my business one) without taking away the aim of the blog. This is growing so much in my mind that i'm almost afraid to start doing what i'm planning. But they say 'feel the fear...and do it anyway'. And that's what I'm doing with this new company. The name of our company is Muse Origins.
Muse Origins will be focused on promoting African creativity through fashion and style. We'll start with Nigeria for now, and work our way up. The company will have four main objectives:
  1. Online Blog/Magazine (well, more than a blog, less than a magazine...err sort of) 
  2. Fashion Styling Consulting
  3. Fashion Store
  4. Creative Events
The Corner Shop actually fits perfectly into the first objective, which is why we're going to incorporate it into Muse Origins. The blog will still be the same except with one main addition- showcasing African style through style features. I promise, you'll love it. The blog itself won't make any money, but the rest of the objectives will so fingers crossed for that. 

There'll soon be a few changes to the blog in terms of design, but also in terms of hosting. Our IT nerd thinks Wordpress has more 'functionality' and blah blah blah and can be tweaked a lot easier and better than Blogspot, so we'll be moving over there soon. I hope you come along with us.

I've got to say that I've been encouraged to jump into this by all the young entrepreneurs I've been meeting! These guys have been doing wonders by bringing their creativity to life and 'I'm so inspired!' Ultimately, we're really just working and learning as we go. There's so much to do and decide on in terms of branding, but we don't want to wait till we've got everything; we've waited enough. We'll embark on this journey with an eagerness to learn  and with loads of excitement. 

Please wish my partners and I some luck and mojo!

P.S. No i'm not moving just yet, just wanted to let you fab peeps (my personal persons) know that stuff was going down *wink*

Friday, June 10, 2011

That Vintage Feel From Maju

Maju is a fashion house that creates accessories, footwear, and ready to wear clothes for women. Created in 2008 by Motunrayo Jimoh, their mission is to cater to the fashion needs of women of all sizes. The first 'feel' you get of Maju is how vintage and contemporary their creations are. They walk a fine line between modern and old school, and they walk it perfectly. Maju makes me think of the perfect definition of a Lady. I'm loving it.
Purity, maturity, grace, and style is what Maju aims to portray whenever they cater to a lady! Below is an insight into Maju and its founder Motunrayo Jimoh.  
What inspired you to start Maju? I love shopping for clothes. Whenever I would go shopping, I would see a dress or an outfit I like but think it didn’t look so great because it lacked a certain detail. So one day I decided instead of looking for that perfect outfit, why don’t I just create it.
How do you get inspiration for your beautiful pieces? I love to travel, discover new things and meet people. I get my inspiration from the people I meet, places I travel to and my friends.
What vision do you have for Maju? To be one of the most successful fashion labels in Lagos, Nigeria by catering to the fashion needs of women of all sizes.
How do you handle the business part of Maju while still keeping things creative? I’ve got a PR team run by Princess Irede Abumere. And they’ve been tremendous help to me.
What message/feeling/image do you wish to convey with Maju? Maju is an accentuation of feminine beauty which I try to portray in my creations. I try to convey an image of purity, maturity and grace.

To see more of Maju, you can check out their blog, their tumblr, and Facebook page. Also, follow them on Twitter or/and send them an email on majufasionlive@gmail.com

Monday, June 6, 2011

What's In My Bag?

I've been loving this In My Bag meme that has been floating around Blogsville. It's really interesting seeing what other gals have got in their bags and comparing it to what you've got. Now, my turn :D I get to share with you what's in my bag; please don't doze off lol.

I was tagged by Chic Therapy, YNC Lounge, Dith, Fashion Phoenix, Lohi's Creations and Nikkisho (and you all who where too lazy to write names but instead tagged everyone reading your posts :p) Thanks a lot babes! You rock! I'm glad to finally be posting this after Ginger sent me a threat email shudder! The deal, which i'm sure you pretty much know, is to take a picture of my bag and contents, explain the contents, and tag other bloggers. Here goes:

My Bag: I inherited this bag from my mom (no, I didn't steal it, I inherited it). This is oddly the only big black bag i've got and i use it to work every weekday. I'm killing it fast and surely (you don't even want to know what it looks like inside) but it's comfy!
What's in it: The following are usually in my bag:
A) Fusion Lifestyle Directory: I attended the last Fusion event (where designers exhibit their work) and i've been walking around with their directory. Loads of business cards I collected are in it too. I've got my eye on a few features from there cause mehn are those designers talented!

B) Book-Everything Bad Is Good For You: I just finished reading this. It's about the author's viewpoint on pop culture and how, contrary to popular belief, pop culture isn't making us dumb, but is actually making us smart. Whew! I agree with him to an extent. I mean, if you're watching something like 24 (the series) you'll be doing loads of thinking as you watch the movie. BUT, if you're watching something like Beavis and Butthead...well...

C) Passport Photographs: I always have passport photos following me around. Funny, they're not in my wallet. Somehow i've left them in a pack one set of passports came in and i've kept adding to the pack ever since

D) Vitamin C Tablets: My Grandmother forced these on me when I went home last weekend. I hate medicine, even if it's supposed to be sweet. I had to take one in front of her, but I haven't touched it since.

E) Perfume: Ahem...speaks for itself. And it's there for precautionary measures cause a lot of times I rush out of the house forgetting to spray any on.

F) Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss: This pack contains six eye shadows and four lip glosses. I don't make up out of the house, so I've hardly touched the eye shadows. But the lip glosses are almost gone (the only touch ups i do are with lip gloss).

G) Flash Drive: For stealing people's documents, movies, and music. Be prepared :D

H) Bad Wrist Watch: I've been meaning to take it in for repairs for a while now, but i haven't gotten round to it X_x

I) Pens: I've always got pens. The more i get them, the more i loose them! I dunno!

J) Always Sanitary Pad: I've always got extras in my bag. In secondary school, I was the go-to girl for pads hehe. I should have charged them hard core money but alas, my business sense developed late

K) Wallet: This holds money, all my ID cards, ATM cards (and one of my mother's hehe), and some complimentary cards i don't want to misplace

L) Notepad: This is just for scribbles- i've got a bigger one in my office and at home

M) Blackberry: Funny enough, i'm not that addicted to this phone. But i might have forgotten how to make and receive calls cause it seems like such a waste of money in light of chatting and voicenotes. Also, i love that i can google anything anytime.

N) Nokia: I got this when my Blackberry was misbehaving. That thing crashed! So when it got repaired i decided to buy another line for this phone. Now i get to use it as a business line so it's all good

O) Gum: Between my sister and i, these don't even last a week. But i keep buying them cause i love the minty taste- good for masking hunger and staying awake at meetings

P) Hand Cream: It seems like the colder i get the dryer my hands get; and my office is like a freezer. I keep applying this all day long cause dry palms are so darn irritating

Q) Lip Gloss: This is the only make up item i CANNOT do without. I used to have a university professor who always complained about my glossy lips. hehe! This one is almost finished but i've got lots more in my makeup stash.

R) Envelop of Doe: I'm part of a little co-oporative at work and i'm supposed to have 'submitted' my money. I've been walking around for a week or so with this. I better give it (though it hurts me to *sniff*).

S) Complimentary Card: I've only just started my business (well, part of it-i'll tell you about it later) and i'm looking for templates for my business cards. This is a front runner candidate; it's got some scribbles of changes i want

T) Razors: I just bought this pack. I bet i'll loose it all by next week anyway.

U) Blackberry Battery: This is my old battery which i changed. I think this new one might be a fake so i'm holding on to this one still

V) Camera USB: This should be in my computer bag with all my other unused wires How did it get in here?

W) Batteries: My camera is always running out of power so i've always got extra batteries. There's little worse than trying to take a fun picture and the camera goes dead!

Missing here are: My iPod (what would i do without music?!) which my sister was using, my phone USB (also my phone charger cause the normal one blew up) which is right now attached to my laptop, Sunglasses (which i remove from my bag after every day) and my Samsung camera, which snapped these crappy pictures!

Whew!! This was a lot! How about a game to shake things up. Can you spot the difference (only one) between the picture below and the one above? Hehe.
If you read this to the end, I hail and thank you cause darn is this long! And my fingers hurt from all this typing. I'm supposed to tag several bloggers but i'm pretty sure almost everyone has been part of this meme! Buuuuut, i'd like to tag a few bloggers i discovered not too long ago: Joie De Vie; Zuri Perle, Zeldan Festus, Candace (Wild Spring), Titi's Passion, Through My Aiz, and The Young Radicals (the female half of course lol).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colorful Chic Accessories From Chic Therapy

One of the very first bloggers i 'met' was the famous Chic Therapy. She is a fashion blogger with beautiful writing skills and a chic style that is full of color, happiness, and fun. I confess, she actually inspires me to spice up my all-black and go bold with my colors; she's my Color Muse. She has several DIY instructions for accessories and for a while, she had been talking about setting up an online store. And it's finally here! So, here I am introducing Chic Therapy Accessories and the vision, inspiration and story behind achieving it.
She had a self-interview on her blog, most of which I'm going to post here verbatim because to remove anything would be criminal. She captures what Chic Therapy is all about. I've included two new questions (which she answered beautifully) at the end of the interview though. I hope you are inspired by her like I am.
What is Chic Therapy Accessories?: CTA, is my brain child. It is an online store that sells accessories handmade by moi.

What exactly does Chic Therapy Accessories sell?: We sell handmade earrings, necklaces, brooches and hair accessories that are made from vibrant fabrics (mainly African print; Ankara and Woodin). We also retail handwoven ethnic bangles that are sourced from Africa. All accessories with the exception of the handwoven ethnic bangles are made by moi, Chic Therapy.
What inspired Chic Therapy Accessories?: It was inspired by my love for color, fabric and pretty things. I was always making accessories for myself (remember here, here, here & here and feature on One Nigerian Boy & Vanguard Sunday (fashion insert) and decided to sell them when i started getting requests from friends and acquaintances. Read more on the Chic Therapy Accessories website.
How do i shop Chic Therapy?: You can shop our products 24/7 on our big cartel page http://www.thechictherapy.bigcartel.com/ (www.thechictherapy.com coming soon). For now, we only ship within the US & Canada.
Did you meet with any challenges while starting the store?: A major challenge I initially had was the barrier I had built for myself, fear. I was scared stiff of venturing into this it and had considered quitting several times. Thankfully, I had friends who talked me out of this. Another major challenge was getting African fabrics. Being that I live in the States, it was hard to get a variety of traditional African prints; I however, have found a way to source for fabric from Nigeria and get them delivered to me here.
What is your vision for Chic Therapy Accessories: Chic Therapy Accessories is inspired by color and culture. It is a celebration of beauty and our vision is to infuse a little bit of the African culture to the everyday modern life style. We want to be the go to brand for African inspired accessories. We also have future plans to diversify and metamorphose into something bigger.

For regular updates, you can follow Chic Therapy on Twitter, check out their Facebook Page, or send an email: chictherapyonline@gmail.com. You could always go straight to the store though ;D