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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Traditional Illustrations From Sugabelly

Sugabelly was one of the blogs I started reading on Blogsville. I was hooked by her passion, love for her culture and Nigeria, and of course, her illustrations. She makes me really wish I was an artist .(I'm always green with envy anytime she has a drawing update). She is well known for her work on Nigerian Fiction and Nigerian Blog Awards. She also came up with the widely popular Language Challenge which I'm too chicken to enter.

You can see a lot of her passions (e.g. for Nigeria, culture and natural hair) through her illustrations. She's got a story behind each one. She even names some characters and all this makes you feel like you understand what was going on in her head when she was creating them. Also, she describes the drawing process on her blog which makes it even more interesting when you see the finished process.

You can check out Sugabelly's blog here- it's worth the visit trust me. Also, see her Tumblr and Deviant Art. She accepts commissions as well so if you're interested, go here for more information. She's also on Facebook and Twitter so like and follow her. See her contact here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Statements From Citizins

I stumbled on this awesome shop on Tumblr and was so impressed with their creations! They make the most awesome and creative tees. Citizins are all for the big bang.With their witty phrases and catchy beautiful graphics, wearing a Citizins tee is surely going to get you noticed. It's also going to make sure that everyone knows a little bit of your culture. You wear these tees to Represent. To make a statement.Check them out below:
Citizens create these lovely tees for both men and women. Visit their interesting blog for more of their tees and to see a little bit of who they are. Check out their online store at here or email them for an order at citizins@gmail.com. They're on Facebook too- just search for FB @ kojo owusu-kusi.

For all the lovers…fighters…students…fathers…mothers…brothers…under grads…uncles…gunja farmers…historians…rockers…corner boys…goodaz girls…musicians, artists…shootas…writers… fashion addicts…sneaker freaks…and freaks…truth seekers…CITIZINS

Monday, July 11, 2011

Quest with Canary 7seven

The first time I saw Canary 7seven (on Facebook) my mouth literally popped open. I was so impressed with the quality of the drawings! I was even more impressed that the creators are Nigerian. Creating comics is still pretty new in this country, so I'm glad that one of the very few we can boast of is good enough to compete globally.
The Nkarim Chronicles, their on-going series, is about a boy's journey to become an 'Arch-7evener' (the highest honor that can be bestowed) in his village.  Inspired by animes, the series is visually appealing, action packed, captivating, and so well thought out. Have a sneak peak:
You can check out Canary 7even for more. Believe me, it's an interesting read! You can imagine how far they'll go if they keep up this quality of work and creativity.

Visit their website and Facebook Page 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Showcasing Nigeria From IX Media

I’m always excited when I find a business that has basically the same mission as me (on this blog)! So, I’m really happy to present IX (Image Xtravaganza) Media to you. IX is a bi-montly magazine focused on re-branding the image people have of Nigeria. Now how noble is this?! I had the pleasure of interviewing the creative brain behind the magazine. Without too much talking, let’s jump into the interview shall we?
1) What is IX Media all about? IX media is a company set on showcasing Nigeria in the best way possible, starting with its magazine publication which has a monthly publication of articles on tourism, fashion and entertainment, business ventures and the faces behind them geared towards empowering and encouraging these young entrepreneurs, as well as personality interviews to celebrate great and note worthy achievers
2) What inspired you to start IX Media? I was inspired to start IX media because I personally felt Nigeria ought to be given its due respect; in the face of all the ills we still manage to bring out some of the world’s best in many fields time and time over. I felt we needed to celebrate ourselves for who we are and for what we have.

3) What vision do you have for IX Media? My vision for IX media is to be the company that would finally put Nigeria back on the map with a better image worthy of respect and admiration in spite of all the minuses
4) What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome it? The biggest challenge I have faced and still facing is recognition and finance, both relatively intertwined. People who don’t know you won’t do business with. I usually smile at their naïveté. Am an over comer so am still overcoming.

5) What do you like best and worst about your work? The best part of my job is self actualization and the press pass I wear on my neck. I love when people read our mails at the magazine and call just to congratulate us along with the post we get on our sites. I don’t have worst moments because I tread carefully. Where my right stops is where another person’s rights starts.
Mr IX Isaac Baba Umaru, the brains behind IX Media
6) What message/feeling/image do you wish to convey with IX Media? I want Nigerians worldwide to be able to walk with their heads high and be proudly Nigerian. To achieve that, we at IX media are exporting Nigeria through the magazine showcasing the best we have to offer the world, as well as partnering with other Nigerian companies abroad

IX media is doing a mighty good job showing people that Nigerians have a lot more to offer than people first think. I can see that they will go very far because they have a noble and commendable mission. Check them out some more on Facebook Group and on their blog. See their website here too.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update On Muse Origins

Hello Lovelies! I'd just like to give you guys another heads up on Muse Origins (the last update I think). I talked about the company first here, but there have been some new developments regarding the blog that i'd love to share.
Basically, I decided not to move over to Wordpress just yet (yay). This is  because i've not found a custom template that fits yet, and I'm reserving the url for the company's main website, etc. Hope I'm making the right decision, although right now it feels right but who knows what I'll be feeling tomorrow

There's one snag though- i've got to change the url of this blog into http://museorigins.blogspot.com. I'm aware it would cause some inconvenience for some of you that have this site on your sidebar, but pwwwwwease bear with me (and don't beat me up X_x).

I'll also be adding one more feature to the blog. In addition to the creative business feature, there will be a Style Muse feature. I'm aware that this has almost been overdone, but we are a fashion and styling company afterall, and it would be nice to hear from some real-life style queens/kings that impress us!

So, those are the 3 main news. Saying goodbye to 'The Corner Shop' for good, and introducing 'Muse Origins' *sniffing and smiling at the same time*

Thank you so much Lovelies for all your encouraging comments! Hope we stick together just a little bit longer!