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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Northern Culture from Bash

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Bash Art Gallery; it was such a breath of fresh air. Bash is a young, talented and passionate artist from Kano state. He translates his love for his Northern heritage into his art. And you have to admit, his art is beautiful (both in terms of technique and creativity). He has read Art right through primary to tertiary school and has been involved in many national and international exhibitions.

The striking thing about Bash is that he understands that art is in everything- the air we breathe, the lovely landscapes we see and even in the sounds we can hear. To him, art is nature and art is life, so he has dedicated his life to creativity and artistic expression through paint.

"I use Art to keep reminding myself about my essence of living. 'Art is Life'". Check out some of his portraits:
Bash Art Gallery hosts many lovely paintings featuring landscapes, tie and dye designs, book illustrations, and of course, more portraits. Check out more of Bash's creations on his website. You can also reach him easily via email: bashart64@yahoo.com.

P.S. I have to apologize for not updating sooner- I've been having some pretty frustrating Internet woes. But nope, it's not an excuse. Sorry guys, hope you're alright.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Music Lessons from Naija Audio Class

In this economy (and in fact world) where most people think mainly of themselves first, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find someone that is doing something for others- especially when that something requires time, effort, and money.

Uchenna Ibeleme is one such person. He is freely giving his knowledge of music production to anyone who is interested. He does this through his blog Naija Audio Class. Uchenna started out not too long ago with a specific focus- teaching people how to produce music. He has been in the industry for almost a decade so he has extensive knowledge about the technicalities of production as well as insights into the music industry (and how to succeed in it).

I had the pleasure of asking him a couple of questions, and his responses tell us more about why he started out on this altruistic mission:

1)What inspired you to start these lessons? I started doing audio productions and making music about 8 years ago. I was based in Benin then. So as time went on and I got some clients, I was always asked to teach someone or explain what and how I was making those instrumentals. I found out most times, due to time factor, I was not able to really teach them everything. So I decided to start a blog where I can refer them to so they can go there and get tutorials and information. They are also encouraged to drop questions on what they would like to get answers on.

2)What is your vision for Naija Audio Class? My vision for Naija Audio Class is to create an avenue for upcoming producers to be able to interact with seasoned or experienced hands in the business. To allow them get tips, tricks and insights into how the business works. I also have a forum that is going to be dedicated to music production. This would allow for a closer experience with guys who can provide answers to any questions.

If you look at it, Uchenna, through his blog, is equipping interested parties with the skills to start out on their own, and to start out with quality. He recognized that many people are interested in producing, but most who produce are lacking in necessary technical skills. He aims to close this gap through his blog. 

Please check out Naija Audio Class and help spread the word. Someone might need it! The Forum, which provides a platform for closer interaction, is also up and running now. Contact him here, or just send an email to admin@naijaaudioclass.com.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pure Accessories from Pure Fashion and Accessories

Pure Fashion Accessories is one of the African-inspired accessory lines that I’ve been loving (much like everybody else). Run by Raliat Fusigboye, who is a student of art and the creative designer, the company creates jewelries and other clothing items using traditional African fabrics like Aso Oke, Ankara, Adere, Kente, and other African print. They specialize in the conventional earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles, and hair clips. But they’ve added a different accessory to their line- the cutest African-inspired bow ties (for men and women) that you’ve ever seen.
Pure fashion doesn’t just limit themselves to African materials though; they also make jewelry in other fabric. What’s more, they create custom orders at affordable prices so you can contact them if you’re interested. They are based in Canada, UK, America and Nigeria. 

For more information contact them via phone on 0750688376 or send them an email at rfusigboye@hotmail.com. Also, check out Raliat's blog and Pure Accessorie's Facebook Group.